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Some of our work.
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Proudly serving Richmond Virginia and the surrounding area!

Our Services Include:
Sandless Refinishing
Cabinet Refinishing
Tile Refinishing

Call Chris right now! 804-354-9663

Why Hire Us?
Clean Guarantee
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Complete After Care instructions
Multiple Coats in 1 day
5 Year Warranty
Fast Dry Times

Kid & Pet Friendly

Mr. Sandless Specials:
$25 Off 1 Room
$50 Off 2 Rooms
$100 Off Full House
    (5 Room Minimum)

   Specials cannot be combined with other offers.

Some of our work.
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"My 60+year old hardwood floors were in horrible condition. Years of wear and tear, wax build-up from years ago, etc. I had deep scrapes and gouges in the wood, discoloration; the floors were unsightly. I received estimates from contractors who refinish the old-fashioned way, but didn't like the price, the fact that I would have to leave my home for a week or more, plus I didn't want to deal with strong, unpleasant odors and dust everywhere. When a friend mentioned Mr. Sandless, I was skeptical. But after meeting with John to discuss the process and getting a very pleasantly surprising estimate, I was sold. The price was 1/4 the cost of traditional sanding, etc! The work was completed in one day and there was no unpleasant smell, and of course, no dust! My floors look like new. It is truly unbelievable. They couldn't have been nicer to deal with, professional, yet personable, with close attention to detail. The floors were in even worse condition than originally thought once they started working, so it was a long day for them, but they never rushed and didn't leave until every piece of furniture they had moved was back in its place with their protective felt discs underneath. They left instructions on how to care for my "new" floors and cleaning product. I was extremely impressed from start to finish, which isn't easy...I'm a perfectionist. I would recommend Mr. Sandless-Richmond to everyone. They're first rate!"
Elizabeth D. - Richmond, VA

"My cleaning lady ruined my floor with mop and glow. Mr. Sandless restored the floor to its original beauty in 6 hours!"
Lynn M.

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Owned & Operated by:
JSC of Richmond LLC

Local 804-354-9663
Toll free 877-966-3360

Mr. Sandless Awards:
2014 Big Oak Top Franchise of the Year

Member of:
Better Business Bureau

Our clients include:
American Apparel
American Eagle
Eddie Bauer

Certified Grren Product

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