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Mr. Sandless Testimonials

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love the way our wood parquet floors look now. Your "Mr. Sandless" system is almost like magic. The floors had more damage than we realized but now they are absolutely stunningly beautiful. We appreciate your incredible attention to detail and all the hard work. It is incredible you can do this without all the mess and expense of sanding. You probably noticed how impressed our interior designer was when she saw the floors. She just could not believe such an amazing result was possible with a sandless system. No mess, no odor, a non-toxic solution and a one hour dry time-wow! We would without any hesitation highly recommend your system and your company in particular, to anyone considering refinishing their wood floors. Thank you for bringing our floors back to life. We love them. They are beautiful and the result far exceeded our expectations."
Max and MaryAnn L. Evansville, IN.

"My floors were a disaster and these guys refinished them in a day. There was no mess, no smell, just nice refinished floors. My wife was so happy! She couldn't believe it! We had sanded our floors up North, and it was a big messy job. Mr. Sandless is the only way to go."
Doug C. Sarasota Real Estate Investor

"Our wood floors were ruined by an air conditioning contractor and we had to have them redone. First the contractor tried to have them "spot" refinished, but that didn't work. I found out about Mr. Sandless and called them. They came in and did an amazing job in no time. I can't recommend this company highly enough."
Fran C. Sarasota, FL.

"The job started very well when, unlike all-too-many other service providers, the refinishing crew actually arrived not only on-time, but a bit early! Your team was friendly and very understanding of the particular needs of our home. All the furniture was moved and replaced with great care. The work proceeded very quickly and you were able to even get out almost all of a dark gray wear pattern in our honey-colored oak floors. The process was quite amazing, as the results were not just as good as the previous sanded refinish - THEY WERE BETTER! The color was more consistent across the large area and the wood looked richer. I was skeptical but open-minded about how well this would just sounded too easy. But, the results speak for themselves. When and if this finish wears over the years, my only call will be back to you."
Ron Z., Bloomfield Hills, MI.      

"Just wanted to let you know that your team did a fantastic job on the floors, they came out way better than I hoped for! I will definitely recommend Mr. Sandless to anyone with wood floors in need of refinishing. I am extremely happy with the results, and it was a great deal for the service, worth every penny. Thanks again!"
Kirsten B. Des Moines, IA.

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