Mr. Sandless Testimonials

"Hi I had Kendra and Luke come to the house on Wednesday to fix our kitchen floor.  Not only did they drive 2 hours each way to help, they stayed the entire day until the job was flawless.  They knew the product and demonstrated great skill in their labor.   They were also such a pleasure to have in our home.  Truly first-rate! "
Sincerely and with gratitude,
Tracy R

"Thank you for an outstanding job. It actually exceeded my demanding expectations. As you know, I was a little skeptical in the beginning for two reasons. First, I had one very dark, nasty spot and didn't know if you could get it out. And second, because I had never heard of your technology. But you came through in flying colors. You removed the spot completely and the entire floor returned to like new condition. I was also very impressed with how meticulous you were and last but not least, the lack of dust and debris. I am now a big believer. I would recommend you to anyone."
Best wishes, Mitch

My wood floors have never looked so good! In fact, I threw away my throw rugs because the floors are just so beautiful ~ I wanted to show them off, instead of hiding them! Thank you so much Jeff and Dan of
Mr. Sandless for a SPECTACULAR job!!!
Mary R.

I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy holiday and a blessed New Year.  I also would like to express my deepest thanks for the exceptional job, as Mr. Sandless, you have done. The beauty you have restored in our old wood floors has transformed our home into one of warmest and charm. Surely our Christmas will "shine" this year!   I would highly recommend your services, as it was quick, clean and now a breeze to keep cleaned and always looks amazing!
Sincerely, Jen R.

"This service was amazing- the owner is professional, kind and nice. My 80 year old oak floors look GREAT and they dried in hours not days! AMAZING!!!!!"

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