What exactly does Mr. Sandless Do?
We use a specialized high speed floor machine, an assortment of different abrasive pads, and a non-toxic wet solution to prepare your floor for finishing. Anything that comes off of the floor stays contained in the solution! That is why there is nothing to clean up when we are finished. Then we seal your floor with our own brand of sealer and top coats. Our finish dries in less than one hour so we can literally seal your floor with multiple coats in just a few hours. This is why our floors look so good and last so long! Then you can walk right on your floor and put furniture down as soon as we are finished.

What kind of finish do you use?
Mr. Sandless starts with our commercial grade sealer followed by top coats of our finish that is a space-age polymer and urethane combination. It is a one-of-a-kind hybrid finish with a macromolecular repetitive structure for strength and durability. The solutions we use have more than a decade of research and development behind them so that we can offer our customers the finest products available anywhere. Our finish is 100% proprietary and not available outside of the Mr. Sandless system.

How long does it last?
We guarantee that our finish will adhere to your floor. We have a five year warranty that our finish will not peel, crack, chip, or yellow! There are many variables that go into determining durability, but with proper care, a floor finished by Mr. Sandless will last for many years.

My floor has different shades, Can you blend these?
Yes! Mr. Sandless has eleven custom colors that can be mixed to achieve just about any tone. We often add color to the floor for blending purposes.

Can you refinish a waxed floor?
Yes! Our service will remove the wax so that we can properly seal the floors. The good thing about wax is that it really does protect the floor, and so in most cases, we end up with a floor that is nearly new, even if it is many years old. The bad thing about wax is that as it breaks down, it holds onto the dirt rather than to repel it. Once the wax is removed, new and dramatic color can be seen!

I’ve used an acrylic product. Can you still refinish my floors?
Yes! Our service can remove any of the online or over the counter inexpensive floor finishes that are on the market, even if they are chipping or uneven. Be sure to tell your service technician what you used and they will know how to take care of your floor!

I have paint splatters and spills on my floor. Can you remove the paint?
Yes! Just about every floor we service has paint drips and splatters. Some are literally covered in paint. Our proprietary process will remove most and in some cases all of the paint. We always try our very best not to allow anything to remain on the floor surface before we seal it.

I’m considering pulling up my carpets. Any suggestions?
Pulling up the carpets is a lot of work! Follow this guide:
1. Cut a section at a time with a carpet knife (without cutting into the floor!)
2. Roll that section up, and then pull up that section of padding.
3. Use pliers (almost any kind will do, but some are easier on the hands than others) to remove the staples that held down the pad. Pull them straight up so that you will leave the smallest mark in the floor. If they are tight to the floor, tap a small screw driver under them just enough to use the pliers.
4. Then, use a pry bar to pull up the tack board that runs around the room. Those nails are sharp, so use care! Remove left behind nails with a hammer claw or pry bar.
During our service for preparation of the floors following carpet removal, we will fill any holes that are noticeable. We also offer quarter round and shoe molding installation. Mr. Sandless will custom cut, stain and finish the quarter round to bring together your floor and the wall in a spectacular fashion! We also can move your furniture and pull your carpets up for you!

How long does it take?
There are a few factors that influence the amount of time we spend. Moving and replacing your furniture, the number of rooms we will be servicing, and how high the humidity is, will add time to the curing process. But generally speaking, we can be in and out of your home or business in less than eight hours. For a more specific time, just give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to discuss the details of your floors with you!

How durable is your finish?
Our proprietary finish has been tested for durability under multiple tests, side by side with all of the top products on the market today. These tests show that our finish is one of the very best products available anywhere!

What can Mr. Sandless do with pet stains?
Pet stains are common problems we see. These dark, black marks often go all the way through so if the board is turned over, the stain will still be there. Whether you use our service or sand these stains, they normally won’t come out. The industry standard in this case is to recommend board replacement, unless you can hide the damaged sections of the floor with furniture or an area rug. In those cases, we will just proceed with our service. If you’d like board replacement, we have master carpenters on staff to handle that for you. More on pet stains: Pet urine forms bacteria within 24 hours. The bacteria eats through the urethane and into the board, and continues on through the board until it turns dark and is ruined. We also offer adding color to the floor to hide the damage.

Can I change the color or my floor boards?
Yes! If you have a floor that is rich in patina, we always recommend that you allow our finish to bring out the natural color and tone of the floor. The color is in the wood and it is brought out by the finish. If the floor is not the tone you would like to see, please discuss your options with your nearest Mr. Sandless dealer.

Can Mr. Sandless fix gaps in my floor?
The only way to truly fix gaps in floor boards is to replace the boards or the floor. Some gaps are naturally occurring from the shrinking and expanding of the home during different weather changes. These gaps should be left as is. Some floors we serviced have large gaps, and the owners love that look!

I have an “engineered” floor and other laminate floor. Can you refinish these?
Yes! Our service is perfect for all of the modern engineered and laminate flooring on the market today! We can seal the floor and renew the finish for a more enhanced protection than when it was first installed. We are the only company in the world that can blend out the lost color for a laminate floor!

We were told our floors cannot be sanded again. Is that true?
Floor boards, which are finished wood, are generally very thin. Most floors can only be sanded between 1-3 times. But not to worry. If you were told your floor is sanded out, Mr. Sandless can still refinish it!

We have several spots from various spills/ect on our floor. Will they come out?
There are many factors when it comes to our process, to determine what will or won’t come out. These include the type of wood, what type of finish was used or for that matter, what other chemicals are on it, and what type of stain it is. We are always completely honest when we come to service your floors. We will show you which stains will come out and which ones may need more attention. Every floor and condition is unique, but we will try our best to bring your floors back to life.

*Some services are not offered at every location. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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