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Some of our work.
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Proudly serving Grand Junction and the surrounding area!

Our Services Include:
Sandless Refinishing
Cabinet Refinishing
Tile Refinishing

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Why Hire Us?
Clean Guarantee
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Complete After Care instructions
Multiple Coats in 1 day
5 Year Warranty
Fast Dry Times

Kid & Pet Friendly

Mr. Sandless Specials:
$25 Off 1 Room
$50 Off 2 Rooms
$100 Off Full House
    (5 Room Minimum)

   Specials cannot be combined with other offers.

Some of our work.
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"I am so pleased with the look of my floors.  You know the old saying "Can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear", well you did. I am amazed at the speed of the refinishing process and of course, as always, you and your crew were great. Thanks!"
Dorothy S.

"My father in-law is selling his house and I had Mr. Sandless come out and finish his floors.  There was a significant pet odor in the house and the floors definitely needed some help.  They turned out amazing and we are very happy.  Thanks guys!"

"Thank you very much, the floors look great!  We really like the new color and are amazed at how nice they turned out, we feel like we got brand new floors.  We also appreciate the extra effort of staining the trim to match.  Thanks also for taking such good care of the rest of the house while working on the floors."

"My floor looks fantastic!  I didn't think it would look so good without sanding!" 
Julie P.

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Owned & Operated by:
Roof Refinishing, LLC

Local 970-639-2147
Toll free 877-966-3360

Mr. Sandless Awards:
2015 Hard Surface Floor of the Year

Our clients include:
American Apparel
American Eagle
Eddie Bauer

Certified Grren Product

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction