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Some of our work.
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Proudly serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding area!

Our Services Include:
Sandless Refinishing
Cabinet Refinishing
Tile Refinishing

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Mr. Sandless Specials:
$25 Off 1 Room
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$100 Off Full House
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Some of our work.
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"I recently had my hardwood floors refinished by John, from Mr. Sandless. I could not be more pleased with the service from the initial contact with Brittany on the phone, to Chase coming out to look at my floors, to John doing the work. I had a different type of wood in the hallway and bathroom and that was stained to match the kitchen and dining room. The work was done very professionally and all my questions and concerns were answered immediately. The floors look and feel amazing and the only inconvenience was not walking on them for 2 hours when the process was finished. I have two neighbors who are going to hire Mr. Sandless to do their floors, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to everyone. Thank you for the wonderful job that you did for me."
Karen G.

"I wanted to take a minute and recommend Mr. Sandless and their work in refinishing floors. I personally have used them on my floors and was very impressed with the finish. It's also been over a year and they still look good. I recommend them to all my current clients as a less expensive and faster method to make hardwood floors look new again. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Sandless. They have proven themselves to be honest in their assessments and good for their work."
Brian M. Remax Advantage

"To whom it may concern, We own a home that is over 70 years old in downtown Colorado Springs. We reached out to Mr. Sandless to help us “pretty up” our floors before our renters moved in. We were only hoping for some shine and help with some heavily worn areas not splintering. What we got was extra beautified floors that exceeded our expectations! The floors were color blended, and shiny beyond belief! They really did a wonderful job. The owners are very nice, responsive and easy to work with. We would highly recommend this process over traditional to anyone looking to refinish hardwood floors. It was highly effective and much less invasive."
Elana Hoodenpyle Colorado Springs

"Colorado winters are hard on everything to include my hardwood floors. Several winters and three dogs later, my oak hardwood floors were developing some finishing issues. I was not looking forward to the cost and mess of sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors. I was initially skeptical about resurfacing my hardwood floors without sanding, but Mr. Sandless has developed an environmentally green technique that will provide the long lasting shine with no mess and a fraction of the cost of sanding and refinishing. Chase and Brittany, owner/operator of the Mr. Sandless in Colorado Springs, are very knowledgeable and friendly. They listened to my issues and confirmed the sandless process would work for me. We had some marks and minor issues left by the previous owners and the floor stain was a little too light for our liking. Chase was able to remove the marks and repair the minor issues as well as darken the floor several shades. Chase took extra time to ensure the job was done right and was able to meet all our expectations. The floor dried fast and has a beautiful tone. A job very well done by the Mr. Sandless Colorado Springs team. I highly recommend this team! Chase and Brittany,"
Michael F.

"For anyone looking to have their floors refinished, I have a recommendation. Mr. Sandless Floor Refinishing Colorado Springs came out to my house last year. They tore the carpet out and did an amazing job on the floors. The house was built in 1955, so the floors, needless to say, are far from new. There were pet stains and paint. You name it and it was on the floor. Well, they look as close to brand new as they possibly could. No sanding, no odor, no having to wipe down everything in the house because of the sanding, and reasonably priced. Chase and Brittany are the owners, and they are wonderful. I couldn't be happier! Mr. Sandless is a franchise, so there might be one in your neighborhood. 719-434-1415." Sincerely, a Very Satisfied Customer,
Jeannie P.

"I wanted to comment on the outstanding customer service my fiance and I received from Mr. Sandless Colorado Springs. We contacted the owner Brittany about doing some cleaning and restoration work on our hard wood floors. From the starting point of scheduling to the accrual work being done, the whole process was courteous, timely, and most of all highly satisfactory. The staff took every effort to insure we understood the process and provided clear instructions on how to maintain our hard wood floors.Thank you for the wonderful service. I will be more likely to utilize their services in the future."
Donna and Jamel C

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Owned & Operated by:
Chase McClintic and Brittany McClintic

Local 719-434-1415
Toll free 877-966-3360

Mr. Sandless Awards:
2018 Specialty Floor of the Year
2017 Floor of the Year

Our clients include:
The Historic Pioneer Museum
Colorado Springs City Gov.
American Apparel
American Eagle
Eddie Bauer

Certified Grren Product

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