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Some of our work.
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Proudly serving the greater Eastern Washington area as well as Northern Idaho!

Our Services Include:
Sandless Refinishing
Cabinet Refinishing
Tile Refinishing

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Why Hire Us?
Clean Guarantee
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Multiple Coats in 1 day
5 Year Warranty

Kid & Pet Friendly

Mr. Sandless Specials:
$25 Off 1 Room
$50 Off 2 Rooms
$100 Off Full House
    (5 Room Minimum)

   Specials cannot be combined with other offers.

Some of our work.
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Hardwood Floor Restoration We are the company that invented Sandless refinishing for your Hardwood Floors! Our traditional service uses wet solutions and our high speed machine to prepare your floor. Then we seal your floor with multiple coats of our commercial grade sealer and finish with your choices of matte, satin or gloss finish for you to enjoy your new Hardwood Finish.

A Complete Sandless Refinish This non-toxic, child and pet safe process takes approximately one day to complete and provides you with a fresh Hardwood floor to enjoy. No dust to clean up and very affordable. Available for both commercial and residential. Call today for a FREE estimate over the phone.

Engineered and Parquet Floor Refinishing Do you have Engineered or Parquet floors and need them refinished? With our Sandless Refinishing you won’t have to worry about the floors becoming damaged as there wont be any abrasive sanding destroying the layers of wood. You’ll be left with a new seal and finish in approximately one day. Don’t hesitate, call today for a FREE estimate.

Stains and Moisture On Hardwood Did you recently find a water or pet stain on your Hardwood flooring? Give Mr. Sandless a call today at (509) 891-5000 for us to give you a FREE estimate of removing and repairing the water or pet stained area. We guarantee your satisfaction and are in and out in one day. Includes: water stains, pet urine / pee stains, dark spots, and moisture issues.

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Testimonials: "They did an awesome job on our very old floors. And, I really appreciated how quickly they scheduled us in. Very professional company! Very professional job!"
Laurie - Spokane

"Very cost effective and the results amazing all with out any sanding!"
Rachel - Spokane

"I was impressed that they finished my wood floors in one day. My floors look brand new and no odor or mess! That was big as I have kids. Thanks Mr. Sandless."
Dan - Spokane

"I was very impressed with the professionalism and the quality of work from Mr Sandless of Spokane. The work they did was superior. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."
Joe - Spokane

"We have two HUGE dogs and our floors were scratched beyond repair... or so I thought! Mr. Sandless came today and in less than 8 hours turned my house into another home! They were professional and courteous and the price was so much less than any other refinishing company would charge. I'd recommend Mr. Sandless to all of my friends and family! THANK YOU!"
Arin - Spokane

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Owned & Operated by:
Spokane Surfacing Innovations LLC.

Local 509-891-5000
Toll free 877-966-3360

Mr. Sandless Awards:
2017 Floor of the Year Runners Up

Our clients include:
American Apparel
American Eagle
Eddie Bauer

Certified Grren Product

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction