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Some of our work.
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Proudly serving River Valley and the surrounding area!

Our Services Include:
Sandless Refinishing
Cabinet Refinishing
Tile Refinishing

Call us right now! 479-235-4747

Why Hire Us?
Clean Guarantee
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Complete After Care instructions
Multiple Coats in 1 day
5 Year Warranty
Fast Dry Times

Kid & Pet Friendly

Mr. Sandless Specials:
$25 Off 1 Room
$50 Off 2 Rooms
$100 Off Full House
    (5 Room Minimum)

   Specials cannot be combined with other offers.

Some of our work.
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"Just had hardwood floors refinished by Mr. Sandless a week ago. Larry worked very hard and was very thorough to make sure he did a good job. Also Larry had to replace a portion of our hardwoods and subflooring in which had been damaged by a water leak from the roof. He tackled the job and succeeded with great success! Mr. Sandless products looks great on our floors. Thank you Larry!"
Sean Trotter, Cabot, AR

"Mr. Sandless was excellent. Very professional, detailed, and helpful. I would recommend him to all my family and friends. The floors look gorgeous!"
Marisan Corsino

"Thanks for the great job you did for us; it was a pleasure dealing with someone with such good customer skills and service. I would not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends."
Sandra N.

"Thank you for your help. It is always a pleasure working with professional people who take pride in their work. I didn't have much luck with the cleaning person or the lawn person, but you made up for it."
Toni M.

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Owned & Operated by:
River Valley Flooring Solutions LLC

Local 479-235-4747
Toll free 877-966-3360

Our clients include:
American Apparel
American Eagle
Eddie Bauer

Certified Grren Product

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction