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Call right now! (954) 783-9688

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Certified Green

"We were working on a job when we accidentally set off the alarm. When the police showed up he saw we were workers and were OK. He then looked at us and said "Those floors look great." He then called the customer to get the alarm stopped and told the customer "Your floors look awesome. Your going to love the way they came out." When the customer came home they were thrilled with the floors."
Lu, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I'm so surprised. I didn't think the floors would look so great. Impressive."
Steve, Miami, Fl

"We did the front room of the house, then the customer called us back to do the rest of the house. "The floors look great. I can't believe you got all those scratches out."
Larry, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

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Owned & Operated by:
Mr. Sandless Ft. Lauderdale

Local (954) 783-9688
Toll free (877) 966-3360

Our clients include:
American Apparel
American Eagle
Eddie Bauer