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Testimonials: "Dear Roldo, I don’t think I can adequately express what an exquisite job you and Rick did on our house for the last three days. Jacqui and I feel we’re in a new house. Our house is an 1891 Victorian and it is historic as it was built by F.E. Stanley who invented the Stanley Steamer car. We had our kitchen sanded once several years ago and it was a mess with the dust and odor and inconvenience. With the Mr. Sandless system, there’s no mess, no odor, and it dries quickly. We slept for three nights without any problem whatsoever. You and Rick do beautiful and careful work, and you are both such friendly and outgoing people and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for everything you did and especially the extra work on the front stair with your carpenter skills." Very Sincerely, Bill Rollins

"Dear Roldo, Thank you very much for your good work at the condo! I appreciate your prompt assistance and kind corporation! Hopefully you will get some more floors at Charles River Park. Good Luck"
Bill McDonald

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Tax ID 45-4495025

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